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How it began…

I am Clayton Grusing and I have been designing graphics and capturing images for more than 20 years. My professional career in creativity began as an accidental photographer documenting events in the Kosovo campaign. A desire to do things right lead me to obtain training and guidance to hone my interest into an actual skill.

I enjoyed capturing creative images daily for a regional newspaper, which will push any photographer when you must provide something publishable each and every day. I did not care for the constant political opposition that comes with working in a liberal media outlet though. I pressed harder into rodeo photography and progressively grew a small business doing what I loved. It was such a hit and miss market that I ended up spending more than my profits on a regular basis. The opportunities were amazing as I shot rodeos professionally in Germany, New Zealand, Hawaii, and many continental states for several different associations and publications.

Following my military career the U.S. Army Central Command hired me as a contractor throughout the Middle East. I started out working installation security then was able to obtain a contract as a photographer. This added tens of thousands of images to my list of experiences. The position grew into a Visual Information Manager, which added video and graphic arts to my list of duties. The government spent a substantial amount of money on my training and proficiency, which I will be forever grateful. My creative opportunities were endless as an entire theater of operation was leaning on me to come up with new and exciting graphics and video.

My return to the States brought me back into rodeo photography on the East Coast, which was an experience all on its own. Then I followed that up by four years in Hawaii where I added vinyl graphics to my bag of tricks. I had an idea for a decal and the “professional” sign shop declined my request because the graphics had too much detail…. that spurred me into the idea that I should specialize in detail. I bought a professional grade cutter and went to work busting out decals. Then the U.S. Government came calling again and I found myself designing once again for them as I produced large window graphics and banners. All of this as I was still photographing ceremonial events and exercises for the Army and the local rodeo associations.

Now I am back in Kansas and as you can see I bring a world of experiences back with me. We are printing with a 6 color 4 station carousel with quality heaters. I have designed t-shirt graphics for a lot of years and now I am cutting out the middle man and printing them as well. Now I have quality control from inception all the way to delivery. We added this service to our retail services to run alongside our training facility. I hope to build a legacy with our business that will survive far beyond my years.